Pretty good, I like the editing you did!

“Zis little piggy vent to ze market, zis little piggy had voast beef…”

Not a bad picture, the only thing I don’t quite like is how the angle shows so much of the bottom of the platform.


To think he could lift his arm to shoot the medic.

and then be sent falling due to the recoil of a firing an assault weapon knocking him over.

A 9mm submachine gun doesn’t exactly have temendous recoil. I’ve seen a video of a guy one-handing an AR-15 on full-auto comfortably, and those most certainly have even more recoil.


fine whatever

One word to describe this = Awesome!!!

You have no idea what caliber that is.

If anything, it’s .45, as it’s supposed to be a Thompson.
In TF2 style.

It takes a lot of practice. They don’t teach you how to one-arm a gun.
Just because one guy can do it, doesn’t mean others can.

Did you guys consider he might be out of ammo?

He’s on one of the upper entrance of Sawmill, so he will no fall from high. JUST JUMP ALREADY! :v:

He will fall to death.(Maybe there are some saws down there???)
I love this picture.

My Laser Eyes will saw off your Hand 8)

It really looks like he’s just standing there.