Sci-Fi Character modelling help

Okay I’m getting into modelling now, I have some experience with max (rigging, some UV skills, and mesh modding) and wanted to remake this picture:

into a 3d model and port it to source.

I right now have a basic female mesh, and am making her shirt:

I am looking for tips of how could I recreate that image (modelling in general), and maybe some links for apparels for her helmet and microphones and those stuff hanging around.
I would also be happy if someone pointed me out a character that resembles her, and models from other armor from other character so I could make a mesh mod.

Huh. Now that is an interesting rig. My suggestion would be to get used to using the extrude function. I know thats kind of rude sounding, but honestly in all of my experience, I use THAT tool the most when blocking out my meshes. Also, it helps if you plan ahead when making a piece. IE, if you have a microphone like the one in the picture, a single cube, but with say… five lines wide, three deep and two high, you should be able to make it fairly easily with the point adjustment.

For example. Microphone Example I took the same block that I mentioned above and moved the points using the scale and location adjuster to make the basic shape of the microphone, and then used extrude on the center line section of polygons. That made the metal stripe that supports the shell of the mic.

Also, I just realized… that camera lense is VERY thin depth wise. @_@ Its actually unfolded from the helmet… Huh.

EDIT: As a modeler and texture artist, I have found its a VERY good idea to have a seperate folder for texture bases. Anything from crystal images, to the wires and even the carbon fiber coating most high tech armors get nowadays.

That covers the microphones, and to think that i still need to learn how to make decent textures, sigh…

If you’re interested in making characters like that, I would highly recommend you teach yourself some zbrush. I love me some max, but there is a limit to what you can and should do in it, and characters and clothing are where you move out of its ‘best use’ zone. That’s not to say you can’t, but you’ll be better served by using a sculpting software. zbrush excels at organic and also weird hardsurface like that helmet and mic rig.

Also this looks like it would not be a starter project, you might want to at least run through a few character modeling tutorials before you approach a piece of concept art with a lot of unique shapes and no threeviews.

Yeah, I was thinking of zbrush, and yeah, this probably is not a good starting point, but is what made me stop my laziness and get into modelling.

But, isn’t Zbrush so very expensive? (I have no income, so thats my perspective.)

ZBrush is actually the least expensive of all the modeling programs(except for Blender, but Blender can’t do what Zbrush does). On top of that, you only have to buy Zbrush once. When a newer version comes out, you get it for free.