Sci-fi chicks

Skip to 0:36 for best effect
These were both originally just 2 frames out of a comic I was working on. But I decided not to finish the comic after all, so I edited these 2 because I kinda liked them.

Mostly just some flesh wound/scar editing tests.



Please C&C, I really appriciate it.

Aside from the gash on the left chick’s face in the first pic (looks too bright in comparison with everything else), I’d say you pretty much hit the nail on the head with these.

Thanks man, yeah it was kinda shitty to try and make it blend in because the original had that wierd contrast.

Also really guys, this many views and only 1 comment? :frowning:

their wounds in the first image look pretty bright

I like both the pictures.

How about the first without the wounds?


What do you mean?