Sci-Fi Citizens V3 (the big update)

A year in the making, Taggart and I are proud to present the latest update to our biggest ongoing project, the generic Sci-Fi citizens!


Also, I made a comic with these.

and a small hotfix for the models: (overrides any hotfix mentioned in the thread)

And this is why I think your a cool guy LT_C.

Just Awesome.

And people say nothing I make gets released


simply awesome, I’m on a scifi kick now so I’m sure I’ll use these

Haha, kicks some total ass as usual, you two.

I love these models, nice to see an update.


Just like that

Fantastic skinning work! This has definitely got my download!

It’s great! Thanks a lot!

Very awesome, downloading.

Do the NPCs come with it, or did you use the model manipulator for the screenshots?

Security looks boss.

Very nice!

Model manipulator. I had plans to contract an LUA coder to make an SNPC addon that generates a random citizen with a random bodygroup selection, but I could never find anyone that was interested in the project.

Holy pooperinos.

Oh that would be awesome, Sci-Fi citizen SNPCs running around a noded space ship. Shame about the lack of interest.

Sexy as ever LT!

Let the influx of Sci-fi poses…


Awesomeness, was wondering if there would be any more updates to this pack. Time to switch out the old ones for these, expect to see them used in Branworlds.