sci fi contest

ok heres the thing people im wanting to see the best star trek, star wars, halo, ect pictures you people out there can make. you can do pretty much any pose you want just as long as it has anything to do with sci fi. some things im looking for in your picture would be

  1. some sort of spaceship.
  2. a character that fits into the sci fi catagory.
  3. some sort of a sci fi town, city, planet, ect.
  4. some sci fi wepon of sorts.
    you can use any models that are sci fi.
    must be sci fi
    thats all the rules
    i am planing on picing the best once we get 3 to 4 pages of pictures
    but anyway you can use these models to help
    a maps you can use
    or any space maps out there.
    good luck oh and i know i mainly posted star trek stuff but oh well its for those who want to use it.

11 hours and not even 1 little thing wow im a bit disapointed.

Wow… lots of uninteresting star trek downloads… unhelpful. Thought they were going to be some rare sci-fi models or something.

I will make something for this contest! I would put it in my thread for my screenshots, but my thread was locked for some reason =(

You see, nobody is paying attention to this contest for a number of reasons:

  1. It is rather unprofessional looking, you didn’t include any criteria for the contest, no rules, end dates, you simply say “MAKE PICTOORS GOGOGO!!” without giving us much to work with.

You didn’t even capitalize the title.

  1. Your “example” picture is rather ugly. If you can’t make a good picture how can we trust your judgment?

3.You aren’t exactly very well known here in the screenshot section, and from what I can tell your work isn’t very impressive either. Nobody is going to listen to you if you aren’t an influential figure in this forum.

yes the m4 will be in the future and it will shoot LAZERS!

vman to explain this really i didnt want a end date really i wanted to end it when i had enough people enter. the no rules thing i dont care really. criteria you should really gusse by the title and the picture i made. my example that you think is “ugly” i have shown to about 30 people and they all said it was perfect so i really dont care if you think its ugly. and i know im not verry well known but im trying to fix that a bit recently ive been learning to edit and pose better and if you look i have shown up every now and then like just recently with my lone shopkeeper picture i made and posted. well that pretty much it

I’m not that well known, but this contest is a little bit useless to me, for one: It’s unorganized and unprofessional In my opinion, just like VMan said and please give some more detail in your “Contests” if you have any in the future! But Nice Try! =D (Look almost 100 Posts now!=D)

there for you who said i needed to explain it a bit i did i also added some rules there.

Am I the only entry? filling up about 3 pages at this rate will be…slow.

See what Whitefolks has done, made everyone think they can start contests.

Yea, that’s what I realized a while back. All the noobs come on and go “OMG Comntensts I wunts too maek wun to!!!”

And all it becomes is: “Lol guise loook at mi conmtesnt! Posht pictoors gogogo!!”

I’ve seen Whitefolk’s screenshots, They have so much win!

guys come the hell on im trying scince im new to this and ive been around the screenshot part of facepunch for quite awhile ive left quite a bit of comments here ive made a few good picture ever now and then but hell the frist time i try to make a contest i friken get all this shit come on im just human.

I will make a second screenshot for you,should have enough time to edit it also. then I will be only participant x2 :smiley:

Now there are two entries! Wow, this competition is really hotting up!

Very nice chesty, but I think I have seen that one in another thread, no matter my submission is from my x-fire gallery.

hey there chesty thanks for entering i hope you being here will bring more people in.

anybody else?

Does war of the worlds count as Sci Fi?