Sci-fi halo rangers playmodels.

Can anyone make these into playermodels? [all of them]
I basicly just want the recon one turned into a playermodel. but all would be nice.
I know you’re out there Shotgunguy! You’re the basicly the only who would probably make these.
:slight_smile: So can any make these into playermodels? I would Appreciate if you could not flame.
Flaming is for the



Come on guys someone help me.



lol at the fast bumps becoming edits.
ask jason to make them

Mein Fuhrer…

Jason got hacked…

He wasn’t able to carry out his assault.


-Takes off glasses, trembling-

That was an order!

Jason’s assault was an order!!

I asked shotgunguy. Hope he replies. :frowning:
I really want these turned into playermodels.


And I already asked jason.
Why can’t anyone make the simplest of requests?
I can’t cause I don’t have the programs for LUA.

I could do them, I have been asked, and Joazzz has suggested me but I can’t. I mean I can decompile them and add the animations, I just can’t compile

I just want one. Not all of them.
But I can wait.

For those who have sent me PMs.
No, I don’t do playermodels anymore.


I kinda lied, I still make playermodels, but only after I actually did work on the models.
Like my star wars ports for example.

That must mean the job falls to me. I am the last playermodeller left standing.


Got 1 done, doing the rest tomorrow.

And I deleting files that aren’t needed, and optimizing the models.

What files aren’t needed? I never DL’ed it

Joazzz left textures from the halo pack and the MW (can’t remember which one) models they came from. And he left a load of .xbox files, which aren’t needed.

They have playermodel animations.
Model manduplicator helps.

**Manipulator **:eng101:



Don’t let this die.


Any progress?