Sci-Fi hunter kills a bunch of scouts.

The posing took me all day, mostly due to my lazyness and that Gmod kept crashing, the editing didn’t take long. so here is the product of a kinda a good day’s work… :buddy:
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Garden Party is always fitting!
hows that for effect!
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C&C chaps…
-Weavel’s right arm is a little messed up, this is because both of his arms are two different ragdolls, when you spawn him, his arms are missing, and his arms are another model, so yeah, it adds freedom to posing in my opinion, but it messed up here.
-eh, can’t think of anything else right now, unless someone brings something up.

nice, very nice
good dof and nice lighting

I like it very much! Good work

I just pooped a little bit…in a good way.

Where to get models?

Wait, where the hell did that weavel model come from? He only appeared in the DS game, didn’t he? Did someone actually bother to model him?

I dunno, he is very detailed though, there is another MPH guy who is kinda low res.
you can find it and more cool models here
Omega Ridley is quite a bitch to pose…

There is a trophy of him in SSBB. Probably was grabbed and made into a model from there.

Great posing and editing.

How did you manage to do that lighting?

Lights and lamps in-game.
The lamp off to the side actually made a great difference in lighting for the better.


here is the scenebuild to see what I did, it explains better.

Is it me, or does it seem that Weavel’s hair makes it look like he has been shot in the head.

Yeah, one guy said that the hair looks like shit coming out of her head… :frowning:


I know right, is it a him or her!? :derp:

Damn, this is awesome. Have a palette, my good sir.