Sci-Fi Samurai in a melee with enemy soldiers again

Some odd anti-aliasing issues, I know.

Goddammit chesty, stop making awesome stuff :c

Nice posing and use of DOF.

Blood on the sword looks bitchin’.

Dunno about the posing. something looks off about it.

cool nonetheless

Penis plate.

The only down i could find would be that guy in the background, his chopped off leg would be more slobby n’ stuff… looks more like a sausage now. Other than that it’s nice!

Very sexy shading, and DoF.

Wait soldiers use samurai swords in the future? Awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool btw

His pose is silly.


Oh you and your chinese Samouraye.

Nice one, but it’s getting boring. :v:

Boring? he has only made 2 pics like this :expressionless:

Insert techno Eyyyooooooo…
I like the disembodied limbs. Very nice posing too. Also really love the light fog at the bottom.

Samurai are Japanese.

As Santz said, you must have a very short attention span if you’re bored already - this is only the second of these pictures.

Thanks for the comments so far, guys.

In my opinion, it would look better with more blood. The blood on the katana looks painted on. Not like he’s been dismembering people recently, which I think is an effect you would want. Otherwise, there’s nothing wrong with it.

I wasn’t sure how much blood to put, not being an avid fan of frequent sword-induced dismemberment.

Needs more random explosions to look more badass.
Beside that, Shading,DOF,Posing and the dead people are cool. Great work as usuall :smile:

I was expecting samurai jack :c

Purty nice, though the samurai’s pose is a little strange looking imo…

God I love the colors.