Sci-fi Samurai in a melee with enemy soldiers

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Epic as always.

Posing is really good, but the finger posing feels awkward for a reason… At least on the running Samurai and the soldier with the Sub-Machingun on the back.

Needs a little more blood I think.

But the blood that was placed is great, the blur is awesome, the grain looks cool, and again the posing was great too.


I’m telling ya’, the day you start making comics…

Oh boy. This is the good stuff. Splendid job.

This is the most epic screenshot I’ve seen this year.

Nice pic! What map is that on?

kinda looks like a scenebuild


Thanks guys!

It’s called… hm… nt_shrine or something like that. It’s from the Neo Tokyo mod, along with the player models.

If this becomes a series of screenshot, I expect some anime clichés.

Nice work, though I would say it needs more blood splurting. Like the same amount of blood as when Tom Cruise’s character kills those hitmen/assassins in the street in The Last Samurai. If you remember that part.

I can manage to recall that part, because I watched it last night.

I was planning on doing more pictures if this gets some interest generated, but lucky for me I’m sure I’ll be unable to knowingly include any anime cliches because I have never watched any anime.

Ah no worries, it would have been hilarious to see because how stupid some animes can get.

Shit, brah. Nice editing. Especially the arterial spray.

I’m loving the blood :buddy:

lighting is too flat. needs way more highlights

Very nicely done. Thanks for the tip.

Neat picture. Looks very Japanese sci-fi.

I will say that taking swords to a gun fight might not be the smartest thing to do:)

It is when you’re a badass sci-fi Samurai with super-protective and awesome-looking armour.