Sci-Fi Setpiece Map

I made a map! Actually the first map I’ve ever publicly released.

The definition of eye candy, it is a single room looking out into space, attached to a ship that’s about 1.5km long. There’s enough room behind the glass to put a small ship, and enough room in the skybox to fit a second large model. It’s as optomized as possible, and although it might look like 3 rooms, it’s designed to be used as one. If you’re clever, I suppose you could use the other rooms as well, but if the brush can’t be seen by the main room, it was likely culled.

Compiled in HDR and with high resolution cubemaps for maximum visuals, and everything is packed in the bsp.

PK02 Texture pack: Philip Klevestav (
Ragnarok Dreadnought: Angels Fall First mod (
Skybox: Lunar_sky_01 by t.I.P.
Everything else: Lt_Commander


Available on the workshop for gmod or right here! (Flikesmelt, c/o Gmod4ever)


Great job I’m sure someone will make good use of this for posing or SFM.

I love those reflections on the red pipes.

This looks epic.

Makes for nice scenery. There will be many a screenshot taken here, no doubt. Were all these custom models made for this, or was this made to be a showcase for them?

I was actually making them for another map that is larger and more roleplay oriented, but I wanted to do something that I didn’t have to panic about size, space, and hammer limitations.

I still plan on continuing on that one, but this stands as something that I was able to get out the door this decade.

Maybe you should’ve used a more … “exciting” skybox texture? I dunno, it seems kinda dull. Pretty sure you can find some awesome space/galaxy skyboxes that were meant to be eye candy, just like this.