Sci-Fi Shuttle Modelpack

Sci-Fi Shuttle Modelpack

Up for your downloading pleasure is what I consider a ‘setpiece model,’ a piece of work that is a concerted effort to produce high quality results. It is a small sci-fi themed space shuttle about the size of a bus, fully detailed with interior and exterior and loads of functionality for a prop. This project was started over a year ago as a simple prop and eventually evolved into what you see today. After a year of non-continuous development (i.e. a month or two of work a year ago and a few months of work concluded today), I’m proud to release this model and the associated props that fit well with it.[/t]

(Although it is essentially one download that contains the same files, I’ve framed the descriptions to fit the target audience.)

For Gmod users:

You get:
*Shuttle - interior and exterior + skybox versions
**4 Skingroups: UECFC, Generic, Orbital Resources, and wreck
**Bodygrouped decals, each skingroup has four marking variants
**Bodygroups on everything: doors, guns, nacelles, glass, landing gear, holograms, chair configurations, control sticks, even alternate headlights
**Separate props for the nacelles, struts, blast door and side door, and guns. These also have bodygroups and skingroups.
**Complex physics mesh for easy manipulation, fully enterable, and with flat surfaces for easy thruster placement. Same goes for complex physics for the sub-props. 100% walkable from front to back, no collisions for the glass or doors.
**fully holographic skingroup
*Cargo container – interior and exterior + skybox versions
**5 Skingroups: UECFC, UECFC Aged, Generic, and MilMap
**Bodygroups for the doors and panels
**Separate prop doors
**Complex physics mesh, fully enterable
*Pilot Chair – Ragdoll with bodygroups for the base and armrests, plus a skingroup for an aged version.
*Fire extinguisher
*Step ladder designed for the side door of the shuttle, complex physics mesh

I took extra care to make the props fun to use. The chair is a little touchy, but overall, thought went into using the models ingame. Everything is weighted in the ballpark of what it should weigh, I even dug into the VDC to find fitting surface properties. You can use these props for posing, that was their primary intention, but you can just as well weld some thrusters to the sides, weld a chair to the pilot seat, and make a good ol’ makeshift vehicle to fly around in. Everything has been fully tested to work in gmod, and I’m proud to present the work to a playerbase I’ve produced content for for almost a decade.

For SFM users:

You get:
*Shuttle - interior and exterior + skybox versions
**shuttle_interior is fully rigged. Points of articulation for: nacelles and nacelle struts; control sticks for pilot and copilot; pilot, copilot, and nav chairs; side door, interior doors, and back door; glass; interior lockers; attached fire extinguisher and medkit; magnets; guns and gun tips; and landing gear.
**4 Skingroups: UECFC, Generic, Orbital Resources, and wreck
**Bodygrouped decals, each skingroup has four marking variants
** A static version with additional bodygroup options: doors, guns, nacelles, glass opacity, and landing gear can be easily set without touching bones.
**Separate props for the nacelles, struts, blast door and side door, and guns. These also have bodygroups and skingroups, and share the same origin as shuttle_static
**fully holographic skingroup on shuttle_static and shuttle_skybox
**Animation sequences ready for import: Side door opening sequence and spinning exterior magnets
**Geometry is sealed: You can place lights in the interior or exterior of the mesh without getting strange bleeding from dynamic lighting. Even the interior of the nacelles have been given geometry for dynamic lighting.
*Cargo container – interior and exterior + skybox versions.
**Fully Rigged
**5 Skingroups: UECFC, UECFC Aged, Generic, and MilMap
**Separate prop doors
**Bodygroups for the doors
*Pilot Chair – Fully rigged and with additional bodygroups to toggle the base and armrests, plus a skingroup for an aged version.
*Fire extinguisher
*Step ladder designed for the side door of the shuttle

This project was designed for SFM from the start. Initially designed as a simple exterior model, in the past year it received additional work to include a fully modeled interior. (Thanks to the Cloud Odyssey project, this ship went from a simple low poly prop with small textures to something close to what you see today.) Everything that is worth moving is rigged. The glass actually works in most situations, and dynamic lighting was given special consideration to make sure it all works well.

**Model directories:


Known bugs:
AO does not always like to play nice with the glass in SFM when there is high glare or reflections. The shattered glass skingroup has opacity issues at some angles.
Shuttle_interior is a SFM only prop. Although it is a ragdoll, it’s very very finicky in gmod. Use shuttle_static instead.

Uncle Burbon

Blooper Reel

PalmliX [t][/t]

Additional Media:

SFM Workshop
Gmod Workshop
If you want to learn a bit how was this was made and like looking at wirk in progress shots, be sure to check out the in depth post on my blog!

I can not imagine how this could be any more awesome, amazing job man!

If you don’t have a job in the industry, go get one (assuming you have any interest in that of course). This is amazing work, very professional-quality.

Congrats Lt! This is a terrific accomplishment! I’m glad Cloud Odyssey could provide the kick start for this thing.

Amazing work Lt_C, the models look very professional. Also, have you’ve been working in the 3D development field? If not, you should since your talents and efforts have been superb over the years.

Very impressive work mate! Love the design of it man.

However, I have one question:

What map is that the guy used for the image?
Look impressive!

Now this is what I call a quality release great work

Outstanding release!

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That’s a scenebuild on Gm_Black.

I absolutely love it.

Fantastic model! I love the cargo containers. Reminds me of SpaceTruckers. Gotta ask though, do you happen to have an Empty skybox map with just stars? I’ve been gathering all these Space vehicles, but haven’t found a suitable map to use them in yet.

awesome model! good job on the video as well.

i made it out of props on an empty map called gm_black. so it’s a scenebuild, like Viper123 said

Thanks everybody. I’m still doing this freelance, but this is a public release of a previously commissioned model. Still haven’t had much luck getting industry-san to notice me, but projects like always improve my portfolio, and releasing them to you guys means they might get not only more exposure but some use by the people that are creative minds themselves.

I forgot to add a list of things people have said this reminds them of:
Shuttle, Type 6: Star Trek TNG
Puddle Jumper: Stargate Atlantis
Kodiak Shuttle, Mass Effect 2/3
Raptor, Battlestar Galactica

Posting these now to stave off the final round of ‘this reminds me of’ comments. :v:

Damn, that’s a new one.

Just props. Uncle Burbon is an incredible scenebuilder, and also great at giving feedback. He actually found some typos in the holograms that even I missed.
Thanks to everybody that tested the models early!

I’m probably going to write up a blog post with a full breakdown of what went into the project at some point in the future before I delete the 20-30 development wip shots.

These are pretty cool. Can’t wait to use them.

I must use the shit out of these magnificent models

So far my only problem with this model is the shuttle windows, why are they connected to a moving bone?
It’s really hard and awfully annoying trying to grab the windows and put them in place.

Like I said, use shuttle_static for gmod posing. shuttle_interior is rigged and intended for use in SFM.

I turned the thing into a apc for absolutely no reason at all

Well, a version with ragdolled doors and seats for Gmod without moving windows would be nice, just saying…

If the static version still has the joints, then just use the joint tool.

The static model still has all the joints right?

Now we need a space nazi robo penis (with clutch and pull-start, and beeping fx)