Sci-Fi soldiers shooting, Infected Zoey, and soldiers shooting at nothing (herrr)

hi again, more generic stuff :smiley:

c&c as always please.

All of the pictures are too dark, especially the first.

I would be much much better if its a little brighter. But I’ll give you wood for your work. And how did you do Zoey like that? I mean those tendril looking stuff and the leg?

Zoey would be better without Eli’s pegleg.
I don’t like the posing on the middle halo marine, he looks like he is about to bust into “I Will Survive”
Ya get an arty for everything else

Last one is kinda cool but there’s far too much contrast in all of them.

The 2nd and the 3d me like.

That infected Zoey makes me remember Kerrigan from Star Craft 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow they’re all awesome, I especially like the infected Zoey one.


Thanks guys-

For the brightness, it depends on your moniter sadly. On one of my computers it does show up too dark, on the other they show up fine. :c

I like the second one the most. Poor looking models in the third picture though.

Oh wait…

The first one is too dark but the other ones are good

Where are those tentacles from? :smile:
IMO 3rd pictures is epic. —> New background