Sci-fi themed Corridor

Hello there Facepunchers!

I’d like to present to you guys my very first map.

This was more like of a test, just to see what I can do with Valve’s Hammer Editor and I think that the results came out pretty well.

So yeah, just as the title says it’s just a sci-fi themed corridor with Philipk’s sci-fi texture packs PK01 and PK02.

Also. I’d really appreciate if you guys could provide me with some feedback!

There is a map pimpage thread for this kind of things

Who cares.

@ the OP, it looks like you’re getting the hang of it if it’s your first map, but a couple of suggestions:

  1. Remove the dust motes because in my opinion, they don’t fit the setting.
  2. Make lighting brighter and less white.
  3. The door frame all the way at the back looks like it has misaligned textures; you could probably fix that.
  4. The light props at the ceiling should be changed to something else that fits the theme.

Good luck.

I care.

I’ll try to post things right next time J!m.

Thank you Highdef for your constructive feedback. I’ll look into these errors as soon as I can.

I have one question, by the way. Is there any way to make the picture I posted smaller? Noticed it was very big and took a lot of unnecessarily space.

Try using 

 instead of [IMG][/IMG]

Oh okay. Thanks!

How long did it take you to do this?