Sci-Fi Uniform animations

Hey everyone,

Some of you might have seen me around. I’m trying to get some properly working player models, but everything I’ve been trying to far has failed pretty horribly.

What I’d like to have done is actually get THESE models animated for player models:

Why the Sci-Fi Uniform V2.5? Because I’d like to apply this re-skin to them:

So all I would need is the Sci-Fi Uniform, which includes all the male and female versions, but I don’t need all the body and sub groups animated as well. JUST the main one, because that’s all the re-skin applies to.

I was told by a friend of mine that the models themselves are very nicely rigged and wouldn’t be too difficult to animate. He’s unable to do it himself, as he’s got other engagements and I don’t know how to do it personally.

If anybody can help, that’d be awesome. Thank you.