Sci-fi US Army unit (Neo Tokyo reskin)

I’ve been busying myself making a reskin of the Jinrai heavy assault class from the mod Neo Tokyo.

Here is my first in-game version:

On the right shoulder pad is a 29th Infantry Division motif. Based on responses from the community, this might be moved up onto the bigger shoulder pad above, or removed completely.

A problem I am having is with the “GSDF” text on the body armour. It needs to be removed and yet I can’t find it on any of the textures, including normal and specular maps. Can anyone offer a solution to this?

C&C please and thanks,

That looks great :smiley:

looks nice dood

Looks good but the problem for me is his silhouette. The torso and chest area should be larger and wider to give him a more formidable frame. Those chunky thighs just look bad in my opinion.

This is only a skin and I am only a skinner.


This’ pretty good, bookmarked.

ever heard of not the perfect shaped body armor?

I have updated the skin (thanks to Ilwrath for fixing the GSDF text):

(click and open image in new tab or whatever to view full-size)

Nice! When can we get a release? This is amazing, I can’t wait.

Thanks a lot. Fairly soon I think, unless the community gives me something to improve upon.

Oh I need to get them hexed too.

i miss the letters.

they were nice

Yea I liked them too…

Awesome work Chesty, finally some Americans to go with the BF2142 PAC and EU! Do you plan on doing the rest of the team? Or is it going to be this one guy?

They were, but “GSDF” didn’t fit with the skin.

Thanks, mate. I’ll do the rest of the team if you want me to! I enjoy skinning and it doesn’t take too long to do each guy so maybe I will.

Here’s a picture I made with the skin:

That is uber badass. Hey, could you do one with a confederate flag? That would be awesome.

Sweet Baby Jesus.
I want that model.
I think I’d kill for that model…
Starts foaming at the mouth with oozing joy

I like his nut cup.

You like slavery huh? Yeah I’m sure I could do that for the final release.

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

I’m serious btw,
Where the crap did you get that mech?

I can’t find it on Search the forums for “battlefield” or “bf2142” or something.