Science team investigating an alien planet

It’s been a while since i posted on facepunch, So here’s something new.
I hope this is worth putting up as a thread.

Hope ya’ll like it!

rim righting is fantastic

pitch black sky, but atmospheric fog? what?

Darn, i should’ve added some clouds on the sky. I think i’m gonna redo this.

nah that’s not it, you just need some of that uh whatever the fuck is called in the sky,

you know the kind of stuff that looks like a gradient sliding from behind the horizon, caused by light being filtered through the atmosphere

right now the planet seems completely airless and that’s why the fog looks out of place

the alien world strangely reminds me of the drakk in unreal 2[/t] [t]

All right, i’ve updated the main page, it should look better now, i hope. I added a skybox texture so the fog should make more sense now, and also added a little more fog at the mountains.

Oh, and thanks for telling me this. This pic woulda look a lot worse.

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Well, you’re not wrong. Even though i have not seen that game in my entire life, but they do look alike.

much better now

It’s a very nice concept. Did lt_c make astronaut models of some sort?

a massive improvement IMO

I don’t know if he did, but i know he makes some awesome sci-fi stuff.
The astronaut models i used are the SR-71 pilots FloaterTwo ported from black ops.

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Thank you all for the comments and feedback, guys! Appreciate it a lot!

I would’ve personally added some bloom to the orange and white lights coming from the space shuttle though. A little bit of bloom does not hurt I think.

Yeah, i actually thought of that, but never had the photoshop skills to do it.

I’d love to see some actual more colour bleed from all the blue spots. They seem to be self illumed, but not actually adding any light to the scene. The ground level fog should for instance have light bleed all over it.

Hey, thanks for the idea! i went and tried that just now and here’s how it looks.

I think i did a really bad job at it. But i hope it’s better.

A quick recommend - try making a selection off of the brightest bits on the blue channel, throwing it up on a new layer, softlight and some blur on it. Will at least give the light a little depth.

Tri-corder readings Mister Kyle?
Excellent work! Love the sci-fi setting and characters.

The last pic you’ve added is looking just great, got a retro sci-fi film vibe for me!

Thanks for the compliments, guys! really glad ya’ll liked it! And also thanks for the advice, it sure helps me improve in the future.