Scientist recipes?

Hey guys. I have been playing as a scientist for some time, and i would like to ask some recipes. I know these:
N2+O2= Happy Gas
H2+NC = Poison.
And H2O :smiley:

These are basic chemical equations, not ‘recipes’. Go get your Chemistry textbook out.
Anway this is a great ‘recipe’ Fr (francium) + H2O --> BIG BANG!

Great ‘recipe’ but only problem is Fr is the second rarest element on earth :slight_smile:

H2+S+O4=H2S04=sulpheric acid that can be disquised as water…
[Any alkalai metal]+H2O=BOOM

O2 + h2

Anyone know any healing potions ?

Herbs+blue mushrooms+honey
But seroiusly, you are free to imagine whatever you want in roleplay, you don’t need to be based on RL chemistry

I know. I’m just too bored to make new recipes, since i waste a lot of money on them… Each chemical costs 45$ or 50$ and the server has Deduction (10$ per prop) so i don’t have much money… Well anyway thanks you guys, gonna go play some singleplayer and check out the recipes :smiley:

This stuff is epic.
6CO2 + 6H2O -> C6H12O6

It’s sugar!