Scientist studies a damaged humanoid

I rated you artistic

for the awesome

Very nice.

It seems like her neck is a bit long, rated artistic anyway.

Agree’d, her neck is really long, was that intensional? :o

Said that, the black blood on the humanoids face looks ace as well as the shading in general.

Yeah indeed it is, That was the best placement for her head over that body little longish but it worked.



Not much else I can think of to say that hasn’t already been said.

Nice. The jpeg quality looks really low though.

Wow, it’s… so awesome. :smiley:
Where are the models from?

The guy on the table i have no clue where hes from, Zoey’s body is Liara’s body from Mass Effect

And the other models back there you can find in the release section but not with Nick’s head.

Ohhh, kay.
Her neck does look a little off though, must admit.

Yeah that bummed me out when i sat and looked at it after editing,I think it was that noise filter “add noise”

Was experimenting how it looked it sharpens the image a bit but i did some more stuff after that and it got low quality on me.

But thanks and also Sorry for being a dick in my last thread to you, I was an idiot.

Crap ninja’d


Yeah i didn’t notice it being long till after i was done :frowning:

Rated heart, mate. :slight_smile:

I looked at the guy on the table and thought, “Terminator?”

Manest, your avatar is making me laugh my ass off. Nice pic.

Jpg quality :saddowns:
Otherwise pretty awesome.
Your avatar is tha win mate.

Thanks for the reply’s

What a coincidence; just yesterday I was thinking about doing a pose with putting either Zoey’s or Rochelle’s head onto Liara’s body.

I like the Nick marine thing, kind of strange editing though.

Yeah i think that “reduce noise” filter made the whole image look like paper, Probably wont be messing with that filter anymore lol.

Zoey’s neck looks very strange. Everything else is okay.