Scoot RP Server

Scoot RP

Team Scoot Administrators
Myself - Head Admin that pays for shit
Holtk - Head Admin with lots of RP and Administrative Experiences
Scoot himself - Leader of Scoot RP
Griffonzo - Moderator because hes cool like that
SweetSwifter - Moderator for designing the site
TaZoJin - Head Admin that helps with the Canon and ideas

Scoot RP Q&A

Q: Will there be donations?
A: Yes

Q: Can we donate for admin?
A: Hell no

Q: Can we get admin?
A: If you are a good enough RPer and you are mature.

Q: Is there a site/forums?
A: There will be soon, it is under construction. The forums however are up and running right here:

Q: Will this be another DarkRP Server?
*A: Definitely not. *

Now that we got some of the more frequented questions out of the way, I’ll tell you about Scoot RP.
Scoot RP is made up of some of the members of Team Scoot (small clan). And all the of the admins
come from the old game The Specialists which had an giant RP community- one that was beyond
any role play community on GMod. It’s more used name was TSRP, there were many servers and many maps for the TSRP community, most of the TSRP ‘Veterans’ have flocked to GMod for a bit more enhanced
graphics and bigger community due to the TSRP community dieing out. Scoot, Holtk, and I have all ran
TSRP servers and TSRP communities multiple times and all agree that GMod was the way to go.

Although after joining almost all the role play servers we all have noticed of how ‘idiotic’ most of the RPers can be, not knowing what powergaming is, metagaming is, and rking is. Nor have I seen a SINGLE CK! So we decided to make out personal build server into a role play server. Though we have not fully decided what gamemode we should do nor the correct map, but what I do know is that we will NOT be using the follow maps and gamemodes:

Dark RP

The following maps and gamemodes are the ones we are considering:

TnB Script
KurohScript (if we can get our hands on it)

So really, we are limited to two maps, and two gamemodes. Unless someone would like to suggest a better gamemode or a HL2 universe map. So yes, this RP server will be set in the HL Universe. Meaning, the cops are fascist, there are no gun dealers, there are no builders, no mob bosses. Just the resistance, and the Combine. There will be a multitude of jobs that do not deal with the resistance nor combine. If you would like to start and organization, we will have an application forum in our site. The server will have 24 slots upon release and will be increased if the server is populated enough for the admin team to understand we might need more slots. If you would like to help with this project please see the list of requirements then PM if you think you are capable.

Multiple years of roleplay
The understanding of Metagaming
The understanding of Powergaming
The understanding of CKs and RPKs
Past administrative experience

What we need:
Possibly 1-3 Moderators/Admins
A Small need of a coder
A small need for a website creator- We will only have a forums until then

That’s just about it, but remember that we do not take admins that have none of the requirements.

I will post the forums as soon as we finish it.
There we go, Go register now!


The map and gamemode have been decided. We’re going with rp_c18 for a while and were going to be on CakeScript. We might use the current G2 version or wait until the G3 is out. Until then only the forums and site will be up. I have scratched the forums I have been working on and will be working on the new site/forums for the next week so it doesn’t look like shit.

What is are CKs and RPKs? ( the only term I don’t understand)
Back on the topic, I will look foward this, sounds promising, but looks like a TnB ripoff.
Also, look foward these maps that are related to HL2
City 45 v1
City 45 v2n
Central 17 v3
Central 17 v4
City 8 (Test Version)
Cityx 13
Precinct 13
Venetian Redux b1
Venetian Redux b2

Canals and outlands maps for HL2.

Canals (Final Fix)
Destroyed City (Final)
Coast 03
Coast 04
Coast 05
Coast 07 (Final)
Coast 07 and 09
Stalker Redux v4
White Forest Village (Fix)

Thanks for the additional maps. I’ll take a look at these, and to be honest. It is quite a TnB ripoff. Although we just want a nice HL2RP scenario. And as for the CKs and RPKs,

CK (Character Kill): It is wear your character is killed by someone else. Killed meaning; permanently. So you would need to make a new character with a new name.
Example: Player A has a big conflict with Player B and needs Player B dead, say Player B runs a business that Player A wants gone, so Player A has a good enough reason to kill Player B. But he cannot just run up with a gun and shoot him in the face and say: “Now your dead, lulz”. It needs to roleplayed out with a bigger scenario.

RPK (RP Kill): Role play kill is the same thing as CK except your character is not killed permanently. And the conflict is way smaller. Like Player A gets in a fight with Player B and they kill one or the other and it is roleplayed enough to not be a DM but not enough to be a CK.

Well, in this part of the Half-life roleplaying, Character kills are know as PKs, or Permanent kills, And ROk can be explained as the NLR, or New Life Rule: If you are killed, when you respawn, you are supposed to forget the events of your death: The place and the guy that killed you.

Yes, the NRL is associated with something the TSRP community called RKs, known as revenge kills. Where the person goes back to an event that they have been killed in or 'banned from.

Righto. I can obviously see from the map and script list that you’re planning to start a HL2RP. Please, dear God, please, make it different from TnB. Cloning a formula that works hasn’t made anyone succeed so ripping models from TnB isn’t going to cut it. Out of those two scripts I’d recommend Cakescript, for two reasons.

  1. Obviously because of the originality factor.

  2. The public version of TacoScript is an absolute bitch to modify enough to get it into a workable state. As far as I know it’s virtually impossible to run it straight off.

From my reading of that post, I’m not sure your grip on canon is strong enough. Referring to Civil Protection units as “fascist cops” isn’t a good start. First off, it limits character development greatly and secondly, it makes you sound like a minge.

I’d be more than happy to turn this into a full essay when the site is up (i’m assuming it will be up before the server.)

Uhm…I do have a strong grip on the canon, and yes. They are fascist police, thus why they ration food, and took away freedom from the people they are opressing. Look at the keywords their son. Also it does not limit character development. From my years of experience on TSRP, we have had a big community called Havoc9 which actually always had a fascist government, and it made for great roleplay. And infact, I have “Behind The Crowbar” which constantly lists the CP as a fascist threat.

And about the TacoScript, yes. I understand its a bitch. I’ve talked to scoot about this and he says we should use CakeScript for a while. So we will be using CakeScript but later on we might change it to TacoScript once we have modified it perfectly to our liking.

Yes, they have fascist policies, but that isn’t really what I was talking about. I mean every single rank and file unit doesn’t by necessity, have to be themselves fascist. To quote that citizen at the start of Half-Life 2 “I’d join Civil Protection just to get a decent meal.”

Nice, another serious RP to add to the shrinking population.

Hope to try this soon.

Sounds like a lot of fun. I’m looking for a more serious roleplay server. In-game, I never get pissed off in real life, or loose my cool and start using horrible grammar and whatnot.

I believe that speaking well-refined, correct English shows authority. I’d love to be a moderator. Also, I can do website graphics. I’m not THAT great at coding. I mean, I can do basic Javascript and HTML, and set up a website, but that’s about it.

Also, question, is the server up already?

The server won’t be up for a while. The site will probably be up next week depending on how fast I can do it, so don’t worry about that, but don’t get your hopes up on how early the server will be out. Plus we keep going back and forth between scripts, and what saddens me is that KurohScript is a private script. I would use it if I could get my hands on it, seeing how its similar to TacoScript except easier to modify.

Oh and SweetSwifter, Just PM me if you want to help with the site and/or become a moderator.

So just to make it clear, we will be on rp_c18_v1 and were going back and forth on TacoScript, CakeScript, and KurohScript (If I can get it). If we go with CakeScript we might just wait for the new version coming out soon.

Someone already payed Kudometsru (however you spell it) 200 dollars for the script. If you’re dedicated enough, you could do the same.
E: And you realize of course, if you change scripts everyone has to create new characters with each change.

Lol, fuck that. I’m not gonna pay $200 after I’m already paying for the server and the site host. I am dedicated, but not dedicated enough to spend $200 just for a small script. I might as well try as hard as I can to modify TacoScript if we use that.

And yes I do realize that. That’s the main reason the servers not out already on CakeScript, we want a permanent script; or at least one we could use for a good month or so.

I do actually agree with you there. CakeScript/ a fixed Tacoscript would be much easier to achieve than handing 200 bucks over to Kudo for a script that doesn’t enhance roleplay all that much.

Yeah, I’ll be coding TacoScript for a while. If any coders would like to help, please PM me and I can make sure you have a good place in the RP server when it comes up. Also, expect the site mid next week. I’ll be working on it this weekend and all monday.


sigh Never mind, due to my poor web design skills I will not be making the site. Thus, the forums will be up this weekend, but the homepage will be out later once I find someone who is actually decent with DreamWeaver and such. PM me if you want to help :expressionless:

The Forums are now up. Please go register and join the forums.

At the moment the forums are free, I’m waiting for my next payment so I can pay for the forums:

ur gey

If you go to you can make a website with it.

I’m almost finished with your website home page. I’ll probably have it finished either this evening, or tomorrow.

If you need anyhelp with PHP like a Login Script, I can totally fix that xD

Just PM me about it ^^


And to show you my work: