I am bored these days so I’ve started working on some random model i chose to make…
Some sort of weird scooter.

Rate & comment… etc.

Looks pretty good.

Thanks, going to start texturing I think…

well, if you release it, add the texture files with it, s*cks when your scooter looks purple and black box-ish

Did I say that I’m going to release it?

Reminds me of an extreme segway or something.

The idea came up after the scooter from Tony Hawks Underground 2.

BTW a little bit textured (just test UV’s, the only actual textures are the rims):

I wanna be paul blart!

I wanna be mike vallely!

What the Hell is the point of this thread if you’re not?

Also I haven’t said I’m not going to release it.

They see me rollin they hatin…
this would be awesome to use

Make a Segway

Would download.

Segway is for queers.

You’re a queer.

No you’re