Scooty Scout Jump Screenshot

Once again, my second screenshot i did today.
Please post your opinion down below! :smiley:

The pose could use some extra work. It doesn’t really looks as if he’s jumping out of a window. Make the body lean forward, to give some sense of speed and direction.

Then there’s the eye-posing. It looks odd. If you want him to look at the camera, or at another point for that matter, turn the head slightly towards the target and fix the eyes on it.

The use of Super DOF is good, but fire up your antialiasing on Options / Video / Advanced Options.

Is not a bad picture, in fact it has some potential as an action shot, but it needs some extra work.

what i dont understand is that the Aliasing is up to x16 but it doesnt seem to look better :confused: i dont get why its not working

you probably have a shit video card then, mine doesnt support AA either

In that case, play with the focus slider on the Super DOF configuration. At the right distance, it will create a cheap anti-aliasing effect. Beats having no AA at all.