Scope error

I can’t find a fix anywhere on for garrys mdo to fix the scope so that I can see through it and its not in pink and black squares.

It’s because the scope overlay is from Counter-Strike: Source. If you don’t have CSS, you won’t be able to see it.

Just download a replacement from FPS Banana, and install it to your garrysmod/garrysmod directory.

on what weapon? Cross-bow, custom SWEP?

If it is a custom SWEP (something someone made and posted on, it may be a coding issue.

If it is the cross-bow, have you deleted anything, had crashes (in Garrysmod, or your computer in general), or have you changed your graphics settings?

Any of these could be the cause, so we need more info to help

EDIT: do you have Counter Strike: Source? Small fry is right, if you don’t have that, you might not have the necessary stuff for the scope

ok thanks guys

Uhhm when i download the scopes where to i put them at?