Scope issues

Im sure everyone’s heard this one before…
I got SB-Spy’s Tactical Weapons Pack, and a bunch of the SWEPS have scopes. I cant use the scopes because i have the annoying black&pink checker pattern where i should be seeing the NPCs getting their heads blown off. I don’t have either CS:S or HL2, nor do i want to buy either game. Can someone plz upload the files (or post a link to them) to get the scopes working? Thanks in advance.

I strongly recommend buying CS:S, many addons and custom releases use textures from it. Also, it doesn’t matter that you don’t have HL2; GMod comes with all the Half Life 2 content.

You really can’t get the most out of Garry’s Mod without CS:S, It’s pretty much the backbone for most addons/maps/gms etc.

alright thanks all! guess I’ll be out another 20 bucks…dang.

Sorry :stuck_out_tongue: But you do really need CS:S to enjoy Garry’s Mod as much as possible and most ‘CS:S material packs’ that claim to give you the materials needed for most things often don’t work.