'Scoped and Dropped' - Garrus starts a fight with a mixed band of mercenaries.



Urbanator making a cool Mass Effect picture?
All kidding aside, I like it a lot, as always :buddy:


Original? :v:


Oh, and make me a god damn tutorial.

Anyone else read the first part of the title in Garrus’s voice?

Snazzy lighting.

epic as always.

it looks awesome. With one criticism. The posing on the Jessica head is a bit iffy. I’m assuming you wanted to make her a biotic, but with no biotic effects around her, she looks like she’s trying to pierce him with a glare instead of actual doing anything.

Ehanced will have your head for those tracers. But still cool and colorful.


its starting to become the same picture with different characters. person A shooting person(s) XYZ with liberal applications of lens flare and white hot muzzleflashes

again, ** radial blur**

use it.

The posing on the merc next to the one being shot is really… stiff.


Yay, eclipse merc was shot!

By the way, if we look at me universe, weaposn shoot small pieces of metal (or another material) with incredible speed using <forgotten-name> field. So, no lazers :I

Lasers are an exception

as they’re lasers.

That Batarian is so badass he doesn’t need to even shoot.
Great use of lights and colour.



Super sonic, super heated metal pellet

Yeah, they’re pretty much gauss guns firing grain-of-sand sized projectiles.

Nah, she’s like a sgt, and yeah, she is staring him off. I guess looking at it now, I probably could have posed her in a more exciting pose. :S

If you don’t like it, you know where the door is.

If I want to, I will.

This isn’t Mass Effect - its Gmod. And it’s my take on Mass Effect, and having laser bolts fly past Garrus makes it look cooler imo.

Thanks for the comments boys and girls.

Looks like he finally pulled that stick out his butt and is now beating people to death with it.

*Looks like he’s feeling…

Puts on Sunglasses

A bit butt hurt.*


But in all seriousness, really good man.