Scoped right on the target

Decided to try something different.
I like the concept of this as a first-person shooter type of a thing.

Thats a really nice edit

oh btw i think you should post most of these images in Want to Post a Pic rather than make a thread, just because theres usually nothing much going on in them

Alright man. I post quite frequently as well so I do actually feel as I’m flooding this forum section.
And thank you for your lovely feedback :slight_smile:

Keep making threads

You can post your work wherever you feel like be it here or in the other thread. There’s no restriction. Plenty of thread worthy images are thrown into the other thread purely out of convenience rather than quality.

At least that’s how I feel about it, so don’t feel restricted. This is a well done image.

I’m not saying he can’t, as you said he can post where he wants

no but you told him hes posting too much here and should post in the other one. practically what you’re suggesting

Theres a difference between saying “you’re making too many threads” and “these aren’t impactful enough imo to have their own thread”
(please note i’m not saying "Not good enough)

Edit: no idea what “ng w” meant