Scopes no longer work in gmod.

I have a number of SWEPs with scopes on them such as sniper rifles. I have used them in the past and everything has worked great, but recently they have begun to malfunction. None of the scopes have any magnification. I can aim down the scope and see the cross hairs without the purple and black, but there is no magnification. I don’t know the exact errors that are displayed but if i need to i can go get them. If this is a common problem with an easy fix i would be pleased if one of you could share it with me.

P.S. is there anyway for me to change the level of magnification on the scopes? i know nothing about lua coding.

Hope that works… (Next Update)

guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Is there any word on when that will come out?

nvm scopes are back up and running with the new update.