Scoreboard and Text issue.

Problem #1: Text doesn’t appear, a white dash dominates the area. (SetFont kept saying nil so I made it SetFontInternal…is this the problem?)

Problem #2: I changed the font and now text is getting cutoff like in the picture.

Any solutions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

It looks like you’re using Label and not DLabel.

Oh thank you! I’ll use DLabel and tell you the result.
As for the text getting a little cutoff, should I blame the font?

That I’m not sure. I’d start with changing all the Labels to DLabels and see if it even still happens.

Well, I changed all the Labels to DLabels for the scoreboard and that fixed the issue with the block of white text.
The text cutoff is not as much of a bother, so I’ll look into that later. Thanks alot!


I don’t think they’re labels. They’re draw.DrawText

Hello, I’m looking for a very long time but the scoreboard has not yet found a working version, could you put your scoreboard?

mj2009, what exactly is the problem with your scoreboard? what happens when you press TAB?

I tried to cut a scoreboard of fadmin, but No results, I do not have enough experience in lua

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I do not need fadmin, I only need him on scoreboard
Who will help cut stsoreboard of fadmin darkrp2.4.3?