Scoreboard background TTT help

Where would I find how to set the background color for a scoreboard? I bought a scoreboard off coderhire and wasn’t sure where the code might be . Any ideas?

How about you ask the coder himself. Don’t they give support for their own scripts?

Yeah lol… said he said he didn’t set a configuration for that. but I highly doubt that because its pure white. obviously somewhere in the code you told it to be white. But I’m not sure where

There is nothing much anyone can do to help you, without the code nobody here can help you, and you can’t post the code due to you buying it.

The only real option is asking the coder you brought it from.

I know that but I’m trying to ask a coder if he knows which file it would be in and what the code would looks like to set it. like cl_scoreboard.lua? or sb_main.lua? Cause I’m pretty sure he has to define it in the same file as other peoples scoreboards.