Scoreboard can't be changed

Hello dear Facepunch.
I am making small RolePlay gamemode (I don’t want to release it to public but it doesn’t matter now).
Everytime i try to change scoreboard, the “new” is not downloading. My rp is sandbox derived, i’ve tried doing many things like renaming each scoreboard file so it downloads, altering scoreboard with base gamemode’s one. Nothing worked and scoreboard is very useful in rp when it writes jobs, money, money in bank and stuff like that.
I hope that someone can help me :slight_smile:

You could include the cl_scoreboard.lua from the Base and Modify it, how you want.

how can i include something from other gamemode ?

you can copy paste the cl_scoreboard.lua from base in your gamemode.
and then include(‘cl_scoreboard.lua’)

I did it already and it didn’t work. Only i was able to see it, it wasn’t downloading but i added it to download using AddCSLuaFile(“cl_scoreboard.lua”). :expressionless: this is the problem.

You asked for Including. not for Downloading Add. :slight_smile:

Omg, lol. I’ve asked about including after you posted because i tought that you understood me.
Now i know you didn’t understand me so i’ll write it again.
I want to make my scoreboard as Base gamemode’s. I’ve copied the file, included it and everything is working fine for me, when i upload my gamemode to my server (it’s rented so i need to upload there).
Only i see my, changed scoreboard. Others aren’t downloading files needed to have it, i don’t know why because it is working for everything, just not scoreboard which is very pissing me off.

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also just use the one from the base gamemode and modify it. simples

Omg seriously, haven’t you read trought whole thread? I’ve already did that ? You aren’t very helpful…

i know i just wanted an excuse to say eat some cokeez and on it’s own i would have gotten banned

So wait, it’s not displaying the scoreboard you want?

Or is it just not downloading files you want it to download?

Clients that are joining my server aren’t downloading needed scoreboard files to make it display for them.
I don’t know what’s wrong because i’ve used AddCSLuaFile.

are you putting it in shared.lua?

hifli seriously stop posting, and guys, problem is solved. I don’t know how, it just started to work today and i haven’t changing the code :).

wtf im trying to help dont be so rude. i was honestly trying to help on that third post.