Scoreboard Does Not Open

Im having two issues right now.

  1. The Scoreboard does not open. I press tab, but it just shows the server name and the design, but then when I let go of tab it stays there and won’t go away until I disconnect. This is fairly annoying as I can’t see who all is in the server and what my ping is.

  2. Floodmod has some strange lua error that gets really annoying because I can’t see the name of who Im looking at and it takes up a lot of the screen. This plus the problem of my scoreboard not loading is extremely annoying because I can’t even tell who Im looking at. I downloaded the flood gamemode from the original thread, but still it won’t go away.

Me too, My sui_scoreboard won’t work D:

When i open it, the Names are messed up, and the scoreboard won’t hide when i’m not pressing tab, its still there…

sui_scoreboard/scoreboard.lua:234: attempt to index field 'lblPing' (a nil value)