Scoreboard editor requested

I recently had a player join who thought it funny to go around awarding everyone on the server multiple naughties for no reason at all, we only found him because he was the only player who had 0 naughties after a dozen or so were awarded. I was even given several for being dead and AFK when he came around later.

I’ve looked around for a way to fix this but the best I can find is people who like to recolor the scoreboard or add other ratings to it. I cannot find a way to modify the values of those rankings short of replacing sv.db in the server’s garrysmod directory. I know that’d do it but everyone would lose every rating they’ve ever gotten. I could start saving backups of them but that doesn’t affect things retroactively.

I need a way to edit the ratings so I can remove the gratuitous naughties and undo the damage.

sorry, something’s come up. If I have time, I will though.

Thanks, I hope you have time.

use sui_scoreboard?

Great, the new score board retains none of my previous ratings. If I wanted to erase everything I could have just deleted sv.db… :\

The thing I wanted was not a new scoreboard just an editable one that would let me set the number of ratings in case someone was rating spamming.

The new score board was not a solution.