Scoreboard fonts missing?

Warning: Couldn't find font ScoreboardSub
Warning: Couldn't find font ScoreboardText

That says it all. Spams my console when I open the scoreboard. Anybody know why?

Because it doesen’t know what the font is. Give us the line where you’re writing the text with that font.

It’s a standard font.

I’m not writing it. The base gamemode’s scoreboard is.

I doubt this is the problem, but try ScoreBoardText

Seriously, I’m not making any fonts anywhere. I’m not the one making the scoreboard. It’s the base scoreboard screwing up, or it’s the font system screwing up. I don’t know which. I don’t know why.

I meant when selecting the font. I’ve forgotten whether or not it’s case sensitive (And if it is, which one it is)

I’m not even selecting it! for anything! It’s the base scoreboard!

Ah. That’s… really weird.

I’ve also had problems with script enforcer recently, with it blocking EVERY SINGLE FILE. But that’s a different problem, most likely.

Yeah, that’s been happening to me too. A map change normally fixes it.

Yeah, I’ve also noticed it seems to only happen in single player.

For me it only happens on multilayer :v:

Wow, lol.

I’m guessing it’s completely random then.

If your gamemode uses the Initialize function, then you must call the base class Initialize, that’s where the fonts are created.

function GM:Initialize( )

self.BaseClass.Initialize( self );