Scoreboard is showing score instead of kills

Before anyone asks, yes I have tried contacting the creators.

I have a custom scoreboard on my TTT server. This scoreboard displays kills as expected, but the problem is that the scoreboard shows the players score where it’s meant to show skill. I have looked through the code and it clearly is meant to displays kills (frags) but it doesn’t. After 1 kill people already have like 5 kills which is clearly wrong.

		-- Player Frags
		draw.SimpleText( DF_SB_PlayersFragsFixed(players), "DFSB_Label_Med-Small", w - 163, 11, Color(255,255,255,255), TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER, TEXT_ALIGN_TOP )

function DF_SB_PlayersFragsFixed(players) 
	if (players:Frags()) >= 0 then 
		return players:Frags() 
		return 0 

If someone could help that would be great. FYI I have tried using a different scoreboard in the past which had the same issue. I didn’t use it due to different reason I just though I would point this out.

This is most likely due to

player:AddFrags(int val)

being called on multiple occasions or it adding a larger value when a player kills someone.

You could possibly look for the culprit in your add-ons and/or test the addon out on a clean TTT server without any other add-ons and see if that fixes the issue - then you know the problem.

The default scoreboard works without any issues if that makes a difference? I wanted to just mention that before I try anything.

This is caused by the way scoring is handled in TTT; impacting the player’s Frags, rather than using its own way of keeping score.

You could either remove scoring impacting player frags, or write your own way to keep track of kills and draw that number instead.