Scoreboard issue WITHOUT any active add-ons

Hey there,

I’ve got a very strange error :confused:

If I kill an innocent as a traitor, normally the killed player should list in the category “missing”.
After confirming the death, the player should list in the category “confirmed”.

But the problem is that without any add-on, with deleting the sv.db and just running the ttt_forest_final map (only one add-on) the player doesn’t get categorised in the right way.
Sometimes I kill a player as a traitor and confirm it (for testing), the player is in the scoreboard category “missing” ?!
The same happens as Innocent. The most strange bug is that sometimes the player that was killed simply disappears :confused:

Any suggestions or help?


I also had not found any relevant errors or warnings in the dev. console or server console.

Here is a pic (dead body of me, but not listed in the scoreboard):

So on after testing, players disappear just in special maps like ttt_kakariki or ttt_hyway_v7