Scoreboard issue.

Hello ive had a problem with the scoreboard in Sandbox gamemode since gmod 13 came out.

Its starting when more than 2 players on the server and its after i installed a Admin mod.

It happends on my friend server and my dedicated server.

And it changes rapidly fast

What is the actual problem?

The only difference in the screenshots I see is the placement of players. This is because the default scoreboard does not arrange players by rank unless they satisfy the default IsAdmin() or IsSuperAdmin() checks; their names will show up as light green on the scoreboard.

I don’t know if that’s what you’re having issues with. Posting more information would be kind of helpful.

The issue is that people changes placements like 100 times a second it was even hard for me to even take the screenshots to see the different because it changed to fast. But ive tried looking and searching around the web but havent found anything or anyone with the same problem.



Since you probably dident install an addon mod that can inflict your scoreboard in anyway ?
its a problem of gmod 13 and you gotta wait it out

So iam not the only one with the problem then?

I’ll test it

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Nope , what admin mod ?
and is it updated ?

Ulx svn (newest update)

I have the same issue and I don’t use ULX, it’s an addon conflict, but haven’t pinpointed which one yet. might just have to do with ANY gamemode that tries to re-arrange the scoreboard. But I’ve had assmod installed for awhile and haven’t had the problem until recently. Must be another addon that’s causing the problem.