Scoreboard Lua Error When Player Joins Server

I recently added this new scoreboard in my server and I’ve been getting lua errors when a player joins the server and it causes the player to have a not responding screen and wait a little bit more of seconds to get into the server and in the top left corner it shows Something is Creating Script Errors.

The lua error is shown as:

[ERROR] addons/flatmetro_darkrp_tabmenu/lua/autorun/client/metrotab_menu_main.lua:199: attempt to index global ‘GAMEMODE’ (a nil value)

  1. RXTAB_Override - addons/flatmetro_darkrp_tabmenu/lua/autorun/client/metrotab_menu_main.lua:199
  2. unknown - addons/flatmetro_darkrp_tabmenu/lua/autorun/client/metrotab_menu_main.lua:212

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I found this:

You should be making a ticket on script fodder with creator of the script.

From what I heard, RocketMania doesn’t reply to tickets