ScoreBoard Player Time TTT

hey i want to make it so it shows how long your session has been in the scoreboard ttt help ? like atm i have Rank Karma Score Deaths Ping but i want
Rank Karma Score Deaths Ping Time

Well, if I’m correct you want their total playtime? If so, you would have to have an SQL Database which records each players playtime in hours, minutes, whatever you want. Then, have a function calling upon that information that then you draw upon the scoreboard.

Ok and how do i do that ? and i mean just tht session they playing like i join play for hour says i played for hour ect, i leave join back and its 0 again, thts wat i want

Is it so hard to go to your server browser and check your self?

[lua]PlayTime = {};
PlayTime.Times = {};

function PlayTime.InitialSpawn( ply )
PlayTime.Times[ply] = CurTime();

Then on the scoreboard when you for loop through every player in the server you want to also draw math.Round( CurTime() - PlayTime.Times[ply] );

and where do i put this all ? like wat file where and how plz help me, and give me a described explanation

oh boy

Sorry, but I’m not going to code it for you. I did all I could as far as helping, I’m not going to spoonfeed code.