Scoreboard WIP, need data from server owners.

I’ve been working on a scoreboard system for Rust for a bit now privately for a server, but it has since folded up so I decided I would release it for anyone who would want to use it for their server.
It’s a program that scans the log files of the Rust server so it can work on vanilla or modded servers. The program scans the file filters out the information it needs and stores it into a MySQL database on a web server. It is up to the user to determine how it will be displayed on their website, but I will provide a very basic data tables php script if you are not html or php savvy. this is the basic layout I’m using for testing.

What I need from server owners is lines from their output on how players are dying an example looks like this, Sir Joe[13340/76561198008530803] was killed by Suicide

I’m missing quite a bit of death data, if anyone could provide lines from their own logs I would be grateful, thank you.

That’s awesome. Was just thinking how this is exactly what’s missing from a free-roam sandbox survival game.

It’s sure to be a hit with those players who hear the call… … … of duty.