At the moment I’m working on a new gamemode and to make it even fancier, I wanted to add my own custom scoreboard
However I currently have NO idea how to do this

To be honest, I don’t even know what the scoreboard is made from (Derma or HUD surface/draw)

If someone can give me a sample code, just something that will show how to position players with different columns that I can work on and add my own things to as I am looking to be able to show:
-Player Nicknames
-Player Avatar Images
-Player Pings
-Player Score/Deaths
-Team The Player Is On
-Team Total Kills
-and more which is why I will need be able to just see a basic code and edit it to my liking

Bit ambitious, but where would we be without ambition these days ^^

A scoreboard can be made from either derma or vgui (Really Doesn’t Matter)
I’d Recommend looking at the scoreboard in the base gamemode

If you want people to be able to click on the scoreboard to interact with it (such as how DarkRP does with player rows) I suggest using derma. If you’re just wanting to display info with no interaction, then just use the surface and draw library.