I have set up a scoreboard on the football pitch on my new map, and I though I had set it all up right, but it doesn’t seem to want to adjust the score textures.
I have a trigger_multiple in each goal which is incrementing a math_counter by 1 whenever a goal is scored (sent to the correct scoreboards). The math counter than has this output:

OutValue    Red_case(Or blue_case for the other goal)      InValue

(Can anyone explain this to my btw, because I was using another map as a reference, and am not sure what this is actually meant to do).
Once that is done, the value is sent to a logic_case, which has all my different variables in it, e.g:

oncase01      0t      disable
oncase01      1t      enable

This case is using my 9 different score textures which are in a seperate func_brush each, and no I have not grouped them together :D.

If anyone can tell me why the func_brushes are not changing when a goal is scored in game, that would be great!

I think you can use overlays or decals, then you can change they’re texture with inputs, I’m not sure really, been a while since I’ve dabbled, somebody correct me if I’m wrong.

Personally, I think you’d be better using an env_texturetoggle an “animated” texture with several frames and using the logic case to just set a different frame each time a goal is scored, probably the output from the logic case where you are getting in a mess, your math_counter appears to be set up right.

Oh my god, we have env_texturetoggle entities? My god I really need to get back into the whole Source Mapping thing, as soon as I knock off work I’m downloading the damn SDK again and then heading back over to Interlopers and Halfwit-2, then over to YouTube to watch Firegod’s tutorials.

I’ll try the animated thing, but I have seen it done and working multiple times with the func_brush textures, in existing maps eg: jb_lego_jail_pre_v5 (CS:S map).

Can you explain how I would exactly do it with an env_texturetoggle? I am slightly confused

Switchable Textures

What is vtex? lal. I know VTFedit, will that work the same way if I use an animated texture from that?


And how would I go about adding that into my scoreboard once it is in? I think I’d keep the trigger multiple going to the math counter, but does the math counter have the same output as I had, just with the env_texturetoggle instead of the logic_case?


mm more problems. I set the animated texture up (got it working after some troubles), and I have the trigger_multiple in the goals adding 1 to a math_counter per goal, the counter then uses the outvalue to set the env_toggletexture to the right frame.
But when I compile the score texture disappears, and there seems to be no errors relating to this in the compile log D:. ANY HELP???

VTEX, and it should work the same.

Try setting the env_texturetoggle value manually. If it still doesn’t show, the problem may be with the material or texture.

Not quite sure how to do that? I mean technically it is doing it manually, with the math_counter?
Or do you mean setting up a button to make sure it is working properly? Because I want it to change the frame number when a goal is scored, and the only thing a button would do it reset it to 0 =/.

Anyway I asked a person who knows how to sort it out to take a look at my scoreboard system, hopefully he’ll sort it out :slight_smile:

nvm guys, I ripped our the system from lego (with the mappers permission) and it worked, :slight_smile: