Scorpion And Subzero Fighting



like I said before, and probably always will, I wish I could edit like you

because those fires and background give a sort of feeling to the picture


I know I know, It doesn’t make much sence, but do you really expect having a MK thread without an idiot saying FATALITY? bwhahahasfklhasfaw3q8gh

Nice posing.

Get over here!!

Anyways, nice models!


lookin’ cool!

Looking good. Posing is alright too.

Sweet, i don’t like Sub-Zeroes pokey bum but all else is nice :smiley:

Scorpion wins!!!

Nice pic man =D

btw where did u get the models?

Stop trolling we all know your an alt of somebody.

Me oO?
Dude im new in facepunch i just kindly ask for the download link of the models.