Scottish WWI Models.

Ok, so I have searched and searched to see if there is any Scottsish WWI models out there on this forum but there isn’t (from what I can see). So if you would be so kind as to make this model.


<— Right click, view image in new tab if you cannot see it.

If you can find better references please insert into this thread.

Fuck Yes! Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders all the way!

Because REAL men wear kilts into battle.
Gotta love the Scotts.

didn’t they win a battle by flashing their dicks?
i swear i heard that somewhere

:lol: I don’t know, but my Granddad used to be in the war (yes I’m Scottish) and he said his friend flashed a German… :roflolmao:

Will anyone be able to do the OP?

Been watching Braveheart lately? But yes as a scot these would be epic.

Can anyone help me with this, please?

Sorry to bump this again but I really need/want them.

Of course. How do you think the Allies won the war?