Scource Fire

Is there a way to remove the scource fire Smoke or what comes out of it.


If someone can , I’ve ben looking for the old half life 2 Scource fire, Where it was a big chunk, not like todays scource fire.

The problem is is that when it gets triggered i dont lose fps but its when the smoke kicks in i get low fps.

i TRIED gcfscape i couldnt find the matereals…

You could make it invisible using alpha maps but it wouldn’t change the fact that it still creates the same particles as usual. There might be a little less to render though but for the CPU the load stays the same.

Eh, couldn’t you open the paritcle editor and make your own fire? I do not quite understand how the particle editor works, so I might be wrong.

Just edit the particle file.

its called source

Perhaps your video card needs updating.
I used to have problems with fire, then when I finally bothered to update my drivers, BANG, no more problem.