Scout about to bonk celebrating Pyro

A generic pose, but this is my second TF2 pose so dont be too harsh.
Been playing TF2 lately for the first time, im really enjoying it.

i dont like the pose of the scout, looks werid as well as the finger poseing for him.

I say it’s nice. The motion blur is “a bit” weird though.

The scout doesn’t have a baseball to bonk him with.

I think the scout should be holding the bat over his head with two hands. That would fix the problem of his left (our right) hand looking all weird. Other than that, I think it’s rather good.

I don’t think the scout looks all that weird.,The motion blur is a bit sketchy and very slightly overdone though.

the pose isn’t generic either, IMHO, but I’m a rookie, there’s no guarantees listening to me is all that wise.

I haven’t tried posing the pyro so I don’t know if it’s avoidable, but that bulging upper arm (elbow to shoulder) of his is just hideous.

yeah, i tried to do that but the arms wouldnt go that far back. thx anyway.

It’s pretty cool, the Scout’s posing isn’t all that bad.

Desaturated overlay ovrload

Looks good, just the axe is too high up in the pyro’s hand, and upside down. And the motion blur is a bit weird. But it still looks good.

I would wager he’s trying to recreate the pyro’s taunt where he uses his axe as an air guitar.

That’s what I was basing my Pyro comment on. In game he holds the axe lower down the handle, and he has the axe head pointing down I think.

The pyro isnt holding the axe. He lacks fingerposing on his left hand.

Oh you were being that specific :P… Meh, close enough for me anyways.

i havent really played the game that long to take note of that, thanks anyway, ill keep that in mind.