Scout about to bonk the medic.

Well, I decided to open gmod, spawn some ragdolls and see what it would come to. Just like I always do. This is the outcome, may not be great… but I thought I’d post it anyway.

cba to add the original.
C&C! :wink:

The scout on the wall looks really good for some reason.

I like the Faded motion blur thingy that’s to the side of them.

Wow, the camera angle is what I love about your screenshots.

You couldn’t have picked a lower res picture for the sky.

Otherwise, pretty neat. Scout’s faceposing looks odd though.

I clearly came into this thread with the wrong impression.

Medic’s left hand looks odd to me… Can’t quite place it…
The sky looks great. Love it.


Scout about to bang the medic is what i thought too

Scout appears slightly distracted.

Medic’s gloves seem… off.