Scout about to get his ass chopped off!

For a different effect, listen to this!

Halloween is no joke kids!


Looks like the batman symbol on his belt.

Art for you. Whats wrong with the AA though?

All I can think of is “Knock Knock…” :v:

Nice posing man, especially the faceposing on the scout.

I really got no idea, I got a new pc 4 days ago… and this beast shouldn’t exactly have any problem handling AA…

And I also got everything on full in gmod :confused:

You’ve always had problems with jagged lines if I remember correctly, can’t imagine what it is.

Well I got a new pc now.
I also figured out the problem, I gotta turn on AA on my graphic cards control panel. So it’s fixed now ;D

Sucks that the picture’s aliased to hell and back, everything else about it is pretty sick