Scout and Heavy BMX-Ing! =D

Just Having some fun in the yard!
I did have a Pyro in the Background doing a kickflip on a Skateboard, Buuuuuut, When I welded him to the board, his limbs and such went limp, so I hucked him into the Water, and there he will rest, until I exit the game =D

Scout would break his shoulders, lol.

Scout posing is good, Heavy is out of place, but who cares?

Maybe the heavy is a spy? OLOLOLOL … sry kthxbye

Heavy thinks this is rad.

Heavy thinks entry team is full of babys.


Sould of been the other way round, I think the scout may need a new spine after this ride.

Pretty good posing though, scout’s face is good too.

The background kind of hurts my eyes for some reason, did you do anything to it besides blurr it?