Scout and his sister having fun.

Rate optimistic if you’re a sick bastard who immediately though of incest.


Wait…I’m a sick bastard!

Wow that is definetly some sick shit. I like it though good expressioon on the running one and the kissing one is rather different.

You have good ideas(Not talking about the kissing pic)but the execution is meh. Posing is good on the Pyro but if it wasn’t for him holding up the flare gun, I wouldn’t know that they were about to race because the posing on the scouts is way off.

it’s kinda generic to be honest

yay for incest?

wait do we say incest for a brother/sister intercourse?

Thank you.


Would it have been better if I had them on the ground in the starting run position? Thanks though.


Someone beat me? Dawww…Thought I was first.




Can’t wait to see the kids!

They shall look like this

Because I don’t want to make a new thread…

And the team is finally warming up to the newbie.

Find the spy.

That spy was easy. Look at the b and look up.

by the red and blue chimney

damn :ninja:'ed again…



I take it you’re one of the people who rated me optimistic?

Why are they all hunchbacks?

it’s more aerodynamic

They had a daughter.

^Looks about right

i’d tap that