Scout And Sniper Contemplate Life(TOTALLY NOT RIPPING ENHANCED OFF)




posing is a bit shit
otherwise i thought it was good

what did you think you were ripping me off of?

I can’t anything with the scout and sniper contemplating life.

Alt link:

? what

Getout troll

And so it came to pass,
that the blu sniper,
is a dumbass.

Not too bad, posing needs some improvement, and so does the font quality.
E.g. the way their arms are doesn’t look too casual. More like they’re surrendering or doing sit-ups.

Also, the person rating everyone dumb amuses me.

The comic is pretty funny, and the posing, especially faceposing, is good, except for clipping.

No, i seriously think this comic is good. Good Work.

Yay i made something good for once


I’d like some more comments on the script too.

and so it came to pass that this comic was terrible and unfunny and the posing was lousy

Go read my latest one then