Scout Backflip

One of my first screenshots, just messing around with what Team Fortress models can do, no photoshop used.

you made tihs witouh photoshop?1?! how do you do so god?!

Thanks, i put the settings to max on a mac, i thought it was good enough and in no need of photoshop

sigh Did you really buy that?


Posing and camera angle looks okay, but it’s kinda bland. If you added some muzzle flashes and bullets and that kind of actiony shit, I think it would make the screenshot less boring.

The faceposing of the lips on scout’s face doesn’t look too good either, but that could just be the lighting that’s causing that.

I also noticed that he’s holding the gun on the left pretty loosely. You may want to fix that.

Awesome fingerposing, especially on the left hand.


Thanks for the advice